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Top CV tips for MicrosoftDynamics candidates

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Simplicity and Clarity

This is something you may have heard before, but it’s worth repeating. The average resume gets read in 10 seconds, so if there’s something that you want to get across, make sure you can do it clearly and concisely. You want to make it clear right away what makes you qualified or unique for a Dynamics 365 position. All of the creative flares and skills you hope to convey with a more elaborate CV design can be taken care of during the actual Recruitment interview, where most of the real decision-making is made by Clients.

Organise Wisely

There is no strict rulebook when it comes to the arrangement of a CV. If you are going to spend a lot of time on yours, dedicate that time to organization. You want to make sure the highlights are the first things people see. Also be sure to include relevant Dynamics 365 jobs or related IT background information closer to the top.

Think about including a technical or functional summary that will give the reader a snapshot of what specific Microsoft skills or modules you bring to the table, and what type (industry, size, scale, complexity) of Dynamics projects you have been involved with in the past. Remember, you can never be too clear about your accomplishments.

Applicant Tracking Systems

You may not know about Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) but they are the main reason why so many people never even hear back on jobs after submitting their application. These programs, used by a lot of HR departments and agencies alike, automatically filter CVs and send only a select number to actually be read by the employer.

Follow some of the suggestions in the above link to steer clear of the ATS filter and get your #d365 CV over the initial hurdles.

Be Straightforward

Honesty is the best policy when it comes to writing your CV. Don’t skimp on the details for fear of how things will appear. If you were out contract for a period of months, be accurate with your dates and work on how to best explain the period.

People often embellish their experience, particularly on CVs. Ultimately, knowing that your CV is clean and accurate will you give you greater confidence in the interview room, improving your chances of standing out from the next Dynamics candidate. If you have been involved in full life cycle implementations, or coordinated business processes within an organization then mention it – remember you can never be too clear about your accomplishments.


Particularly in the Microsoft Partner world, titles can be misleading. Make sure you convey how many people you were responsible for in past jobs, how many clients you worked with, etc. Specificity helps to create credibility in the eyes of the employer. Don’t shy away from numbers!

Conveying an image of yourself as an experienced Microsoft Dynamics professional with a strong work ethic is difficult in such a brief document. But with ATS’ and many competitive applications, one must be both eye-catching and concise. It’s a tough balance to strike, but by taking heed of these five tips you will be on your way to your next rewarding Dynamics job.

Still Stumped?

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Jon Styles is the CEO of Northcote Group and has over 10 years of Microsoft recruitment experience under his belt. Need some help? Click an icon below.

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