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“The candidate’s rate is too high… Covid has changed everything” #microsoftdynamics

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This is what came up in conversation with a new #microsoftdynamics client. It was only the third or fourth conversation I’d had with her and I’m sure she certainly would never want to swindle any candidate out of their market worth, but she was arguing that because of Covid-19 and the fact that the market has therefore changed, that rates should ALSO change.

I politely disagreed. For #dynamics365 projects to be successful, they need to attract and retain good people, and to do that, you need to pay them well in the first place. What do #d365 customers think will happen when (and not if!) the market improves? Usually deadlines and other factors create loyalty to a project, meaning the team will stay intact until the end of the project.

But what happens when the client low-balls the candidate on rate? She/he may accept the role, but you can bet their loyalty will be gossamer-thin. As soon as extra 10-15% on top of their current day rate comes along (and it will), they’re gone! This inevitably creates a delay in the project as you have to recruit and train someone new (and ironically pay them market rate).

Total cost to the project = far MORE than paying market rate in the first place.

Clients – the success of a project begins at the very start. Get that wrong at your peril!

Jon Styles is the CEO of Northcote Group and has over 10 years of Microsoft recruitment experience under his belt. Need some help? Click an icon below.

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