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Is this #microsoftdynamics job advert fake😱

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So this HAS to be one of the biggest gripes I hear from #microsoftdynamics candidates about the Recruitment Industry. I’ve spoken to countless #microsoft candidates over the years who believe that a significant number of job adverts aren’t real – they’re essentially made up by Recruiters.

Candidates are often confused by this; after all, why would someone write a fake job ad? Well, dear LinkedIn audience, let me reveal all. When I got my first recruitment job 10 years ago, as a fresh faced early 20-something year old, I was actually TAUGHT how to write fake job adverts – it was PART of the training I received to be a high performing Recruiter. The goal of writing adverts (some people prefer to call them generic job adverts), is to encourage candidates to apply. This has a number of benefits:

  1. You increase the number of candidates in your network.
  2. You get information on companies implementing #d365.
  3. You generate new business using information gained from the candidate.

This may sound like I’m making the case for writing fake job ads. I’m 100% not, and looking back, it was one of the worst commonly-accepted practises in Recruitment.

I honestly believe that to be a successful Recruiter, you need to put the candidate FIRST in every situation. By writing fake job ads, you’re in fact putting the candidate LAST. You are being dishonest and are only focused on what YOU can gain from the situation.

There is no place in this game for fake adverts, it destroys trust and gives all recruiters a bad name by association. As someone with 10 years’ experience in this space, I implore all Recruiters to stop writing fake job adverts – it will get you NOWHERE and will mean that you’re much more likely to last not very long in your job.

Rant over!

Jon Styles is the CEO of Northcote Group and has over 10 years of Microsoft recruitment experience under his belt. Need some help? Click an icon below.

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