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Contractors – what if a client won’t pay? #microsoftdynamics

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So I’ve been hearing a lot from #microsoftdynamics candidates recently that for one reason or another, clients are REFUSING to pay them. How is this allowed to happen?

This has been going on for a long time, but I’ve seen an uptick in the number of candidates flagging this as a major issue. So why is this happening? I would understand if there is a dispute over the quality of their work, but it seems to be 100% down to the client having cash flow issues resulting in the recruitment company refusing to release funds.

For everyone’s benefit, let’s be crystal clear on this. If the TIMESHEET is SIGNED then… 1) the client APPROVES of the work, and 2) it is a PROMISE to pay. There is no confusion here – if a timesheet is signed then the client MUST pay.

Imagine getting someone in to fit a beautiful new kitchen in your property, and then after the work is completed, you approve the work and then just don’t pay the invoice. Unacceptable.

This is putting candidates in financial danger and with the prospect of £000’s in legal fees and years of delays, candidates often feel trapped.

COMPANIES – Don’t do this. Ever.

RECRUITERS – You have a LEGAL OBLIGATION to pay the candidate as their contract is with you.

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Jon Styles is the CEO of Northcote Group and has over 10 years of Microsoft recruitment experience under his belt. Need some help? Click an icon below.

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